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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Patient_Cero, 7/11/11.

  1. Patient_Cero


    Since they recently pulled the FMJ Fast Jacket frame it was interesting to see a FMJ Jawbone being worn by one of the Tour riders this year. I can't remember who was wearing it but it looked good.

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  2. S-works


    could it be the BMX Chrome Jawbones which was introduced in last year's tour?

  3. Patient_Cero


    I had a major lapse and forgot all about them for some reason. If so they switched out the bottom jawbone color that is for sure.

  4. S-works


    Ya, they did the same last year, Andy Shleck had Chrome with white jaws, Mark Cavendish had green jaws and Lance had yellow jaws with Livestrong yellow ear socks.
    I was drooling all over when i first saw them during last year's tour, finally manage to find one pair (stock Chrome ones with black jaws) from an online bike store that'll ship to Singapore.

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