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  1. xtremehardy388

    xtremehardy388 Oakley Beginner

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    I hope they bring back to old Eye Jacket styles (1,2, and 3). Also the classic Minute and Straight Jacket styles. They were so sleek, basic looking but had great color combinations. There's so much nostalgia in these! Great sleek athletic look unlike many of the ones, today. Those look (and some feel) bulky. Say I'm stuck in the past but I haven't been impressed with the newer frames....even the Half Jacket 2.0 isn't too impressive. The last GREAT frame I really dug was the Flak Jacket. I also like the classic wires (A Wire, Square Wire 2.0) but I'm a fan of the Whisker. I may stand alone as the classic 90s nut but that's okay. At least they still have the M Frame :)
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