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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by trippledigitss, 11/29/18.

  1. trippledigitss

    trippledigitss Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I joined here a few years ago but I am not very active. I found the site while looking for info and a price on some original Juliets I was selling. Found a lot of good info and helpful people. And a buyer for the glasses too!

    Ok - so I have been an Oakley customer now for over 30yrs - pretty much exclusively in terms of eyewear. (although last year my work bought me a pair of Nike 'computer' glasses and I have to admit they are pretty dang comfortable for all day wear)

    Anyway - I am not a huge collector or very knowledgeable about all the technical aspects and finite details of Oakley eyewear and all the versions etc. I dont know a lot the terms that are used on here. (like what the heck are donor lenses???) I have a renewed interest lately and over the last 3 weeks or so I have bought 7 pairs of glasses and a display case. So I have been on here a lot more lately looking for sales and info etc. And I will probably be asking more questions and looking for more info in the coming days.

    I usually buy only from trusted retailers or sellers, but once in a while, I will take a calculated risk/gamble on FeeBay. (and the 29.99 Crankshafts from China didnt work out so well, although I did have to tip my hat at the level of effort they put into creating the fake packaging)

    Ok, I started babbling so much (habit of mine) that I forgot I came here with a question: What does "serialized" eyewear mean?? I feel stupid asking since I'm guessing it just means there is an s/n? But I bought a pair of SJ2 direct from Oakley a few years ago and it says that on the box. But I cant find an s/n on them anywhere?

    Do all Oakley glasses have a serial number or only the 'higher end' glasses? That cant be? That just seems unrealistic...
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  2. Jmgarcia


    Not all Oakley’s have serial numbers. They should all have some form of markings stating sizes and or sku.
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  3. trippledigitss

    trippledigitss Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Hey! You read all that!?! It not as much as it looks.... o_O but i still REALLY need to work on keeping my messages shorter!!

    Cool, thanks for the info!

  4. Jmgarcia


    I’ll be honest... I didn’t. I just read the last part which is why I responded.:D

    To fully answer your question, some special edition/limited edition have serial numbers. X metals back in the day we’re all sterilized except for a few generations and any that were refinished/came from warranty.

    I usually check o-review.com for any color/lens questions. It’s a good reference if you don’t want to wait for a response.
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  5. Hi, I can't answer your questions.
    There is a lady getting pooed on

    Formal Intro and Rookie Question(s) - ALVBDei.gif

  6. trippledigitss

    trippledigitss Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Haha, fair enough JM! I probably should have broken it up in different posts!

    Thanks again for the info. So there is more info on 'donor' lenses there?
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  7. Jmgarcia


    @cacatman is your one stop shop for references.

  8. Yup, search for a @cacatman list. He has many, including a list of lists. But that info is there.
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  9. trippledigitss

    trippledigitss Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Ok... well I have no idea what that means wesley... but if you say so.

  10. trippledigitss

    trippledigitss Premium Member Lifetime Member

    I meant that cartoon. Im behind on the posts, new ones coming while I am typing a reply

    I can't figure out how to make that quote function work?

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