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i have been a member now for a long time... now over 20 posts but still can't get full exchange access - how come???
You've just kicked off the bulk of your comments on threads over a period of an hour to get to a 15 thread count. The system needs time to register these, so give it an hour or so and check back in.

dingo ate my baby

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1) Be respectful - Please do not post anything harassing, threatening, abusive, lewd, or inflammatory. Flaming people, products, or organizations is never acceptable. Neither is trolling. Instead, be friendly, h elpful, and supportive.

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5)Always ask for help - If you are ever in need of help, feel free to contact someone. We are happy to help!

6) Per the new rule below, You must include a price for the item that you are selling. You cannot just say PM ME, please give an idea of how much you are looking to get.

This truely the oldest post on here . @OakleyFrankFMJ . See if you can fine one A older one good luck. Please do it when you have free time from a beating a dead horse off :Dto the races :lol:

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