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Found Frogskins On Website: What Are These And Worth..? Ballpark

never seen this color! and looks a bit weird to me . . . so i would call them FAKE too!
where did you find them BriP?
These could be real. Oakley did release, quite a while ago some Frogskins frames in a very pastel blue, almost a watered down Acid Blue style, crystal frame because I've seen one. It would make sense that they did other colours and one of those colours is red. The photos are too low-res and not detailed enough to tell if they are fake or not. I'd need to see the finish of the logo on the stems, and if there are any model numbers printed on the inside of the stems. Are they metal hinged? I can't tell so need better photos of that. However, if they are metal hinged then that would fit with them being part of a pastel/crystal colour range released by Oakley a few Frogskins generations ago.

How have these been described by the seller? If these are legit vintage Frogskins frames I don't think the microbag is the original.
A website, I forget which one though, it wasn't o-review because I've just been checking there, but it was a website about old school sunglasses run by some guy.