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  1. Beancooker

    Beancooker Oakley Enthusiast

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    So as I was bored and perusing the interwebz, I came across some really cool Oakley Ads. Most of these came from Oakley's Archive, and took a while to find. I used a lot of different search terms, and these are what I have stumbled across so far. I only saved the ones in English. There are 13 different ads that I saved. M-Frame, Frogskins, Eyeshades, Watch Cards... etc.
    Some of these might make for a cool poster or case backdrop.
    There are a ton in Japanese, but I didn't bother to save them, since I can't read them.
    Anyways, I uploaded them to my Google account so I can easily share them with you guys.

    Hope you guys enjoy!

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. V2oak

    V2oak Oakley Man from Manila

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    wow, Time Bomb II is supposed to have 3 different colors? and they are non elite
  3. freakface

    freakface Oakley Collector

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    awesome. love the zero catalogue...
  4. The_2nd_G

    The_2nd_G Oakley Beginner

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    Nice find. I've always been a fan of O's marketing style. I guess you could say it's been effective on me (and all of us) too.