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Found Some X Metals On CL


Oakley Enthusiast
Im not a Huge X Metal fan.. though the only ones Ive tried on were my brothers romeo 1s a few years back. I think these look pretty cool. Do you think this is a good price and are they smaler than the romeos I think these are the X Squared model.

Thanks Guys for your help.....!!!!!

Oakley Metal X Glasses
125 is a good price.

A couple of weeks back I saw a pair of Juliets selling for 70 for about a week. Nobody bought... then it dropped to 40 and the ad was gone shortly after that. That is a steal. Checking Craigslist is a good idea if you're looking for this kind of stuff. I'd say 125 is very good for that pair.


Oakley Enthusiast
it usually sucks in my area as well but I did find my Gen 1 O Rokr BNIB for 125 as well and I love them. But usually nothing cool of note.


Made of Metal
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I offered him 100 bucks we will see what he says.

He says he is firm on the price, $140.00 is a steal. I would scoop them up before a forum member slides in and snatches them up underneath you..... Those x squared are smaller and lighter then a Romeo 1...

Just buy them for pete's sake!!!!!!