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Free Giveaway: Oakley Plate


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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday this year complete with relaxation and enjoying the time with your family and loved ones. This giveaway will be a little different as I am offering up a custom item for the winner.

Up for raffle is a 3d printed Oakley Forum HQ License Plate. It's roughly 8.5" x 4.25" (70% scale compared to a real license plate). It has a keyhole mount in the rear for mounting to a wall etc., or you could glue a magnet into the keyhole to mount it that way.

The one pictured below was designed and printed by myself from scratch and is shown for reference. There are 5 colors involved in the print that the winner will be able to choose from the 20+ color options I have available. The winner's forum name will also be included on the bottom as shown.

This will be completely free to the winner. I will even pay for shipping within the CONUS. If you live outside the CONUS, I will cover up to $5 of the shipping cost.

Pick a number and after all 25 slots are filled, I will raffle it off to the winning number. To be fair, you are only able to pick a number for yourself, so no vouching for another member. I have no issue if you tag them and they come here to claim a number though.

Any questions, feel free to PM me or you can just ask in this thread as well.

Thanks and good luck!

1. @Spc369
2. @Pchrist
3. @Manish
4. @Broccoli
5. @OmasterOFtime
6. @BradyGod1569
7. @Nortika
8. @Jase_nz
9. @Beardo0628
10. @DaysOfNoah
11. @TK7
12. @Lars
13. @StG
14. @Oakley Dokely
15. @Poeman4179
16. @Teetogreen
17. @reggavegga
18. @Rick58
19. @MatSteelersFan
20. @Inkkoonce
21. @Tidezealot
22. @Marstain
23. @Jon the Don
24. @sratt17
25. @Pumpkin King

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