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Free Stuff With Purchase SGH

Based on SGH reputation and many memebers comments they are probably doing this because they sell scratched stuff so they are making up for it...
SGH, you gotta try harder than that to make me buy a damn thing from your sad store. Unless the sales girl wears a bikini top with baby oil smeared on her chest
i ain't buying.
What is SGH by the way?

I may be wrong but "Sunglasshut" perhaps? If so then yes they are horrible. Sadly the only Shades store in my whole state of Louisina is a Sunglasshut. I showed up there not long ago with my new Radar XL blades in the Crystal Red/Positive Red Iridium color combo and all 3 employees were shocked to see them and told me they had to be fake because in their words "we know plenty about the Radar and Radar XL but we have never heard of or actually seen that color...looks like a knock off from another company but they are beautiful."
Anyway I was just going there to purchase an Oakley Lens Cleaner Kit and they had no idea of any cleaning kits besides the micro fiber bags they come in...they just told me to use rubbing alcohol.
I have no experience with the online store I could only imagine how horrible their customer service and knowledge is...(assuming I am correct by referring to Sunglasshut). Not exaggerating but pretty much every single Oakley shade on display is scratched up to Hell.
While I don't have any complaints about the shades on display in SGH (I only have two or three in my country and they're quite small), I must give a fair warning about their cleaning products. My Fives 3.0 Ducati were bought there and they offered one of their cleaning kits. That thing ruined the iridium coating of my left lens and I had to swap them out... Thank god for warranty.
If you want to order something from SGH, why not just use their web site? You get the box and a brand new pair of scratch free glasses too...plus any promo items the instore employees might not know about.