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Free Track Day thanks to Marlboro (years ago)


I am Jim Jannard...
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Cincinnati, Ohio
First off I do not smoke but I am a sucker for freebies, i.e. lighters , t shirts, etc. Years ago the wife entered for this and won 1 of 200 spots I think. At first she did not want to go I had to talk her into it. It was at Kentucky Speedway about 50 miles or so from us. The cars were older IROC cars with an added passenger seat. Some big names have driven these cars years ago in the IROC series. It was a whole day at the track. First off they gave us some SWAG (backpack, gloves, head cover thing , disposable camera) and got us in fire suits. We were with professional drivers and got to ride in the cars and did 3 laps around the track at about 160 mph. Then they took us to the inside part of the track where they had a drifting track set up with cones. We were strapped into the mustangs and also did a couple of laps with a driver drifting the whole time. After that they gave us a dinner.. All for FREEE.
Enough with the story here are some pictures I just found...

Best day ever material.

The drivers who guided you, were they same same big name drivers you mentioned on that list? Awesome day regardless but that would've been insane too. Would've loved to meet Jeff.
No big name drivers just probably professional track day teacher/drivers... The one picture of the window shows all the big name drivers that drove them in the series. I think they were like 1995 IROC cars
@reggavegga in not too far from the speedway either. I been wanting to go do the track thing. They got different option where u go and pay and you get to go around the lap a few times. You have to go thru like a 3 hr class first though....