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Frogskin Lenses


I Should Work at Oakley...
Denver, CO
I keep seeing those pop up and been hesitant to pull the trigger finger because I have never really heard of them before.


Oakley Collector
Premium Member
Like others have said, never heard of a Blue Iridium OO lens. I own the Rootbeer/Cyan & Marine Fade Frogskins which both come with Blue Iridium lenses and they don't have a rose base colour to them.


Oakley Beginner
Good News Frogskin Followers. I just heard OCP Frogskins will happen in 2012. This is still unwraps but u heard it hear first! We can finally just by lenses and make our crazy combos anytime...This will put a big bite into those Ebay sellers. So, hold off buying any lenses for just a bit more..This has been my PSA for the week.