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Frogskin Lenses


Oakley Expert
Long Island, NY
Im bidding on some Blue Iridium Frogskin lenses the description is 00 lenses, will these fit in my acid blue frames or are they for an older pair?
I keep seeing those pop up and been hesitant to pull the trigger finger because I have never really heard of them before.
Like others have said, never heard of a Blue Iridium OO lens. I own the Rootbeer/Cyan & Marine Fade Frogskins which both come with Blue Iridium lenses and they don't have a rose base colour to them.
Good News Frogskin Followers. I just heard OCP Frogskins will happen in 2012. This is still unwraps but u heard it hear first! We can finally just by lenses and make our crazy combos anytime...This will put a big bite into those Ebay sellers. So, hold off buying any lenses for just a bit more..This has been my PSA for the week.