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Discussion in 'Oakley Frogskins Discussion' started by jiveSEVEN, 8/19/11.

  1. jiveSEVEN


    LOL I am watching this movie before the gym, and Topher Grace is wearing black frogskins in this movie. It is an 80s themed movie so go figure. One guy in the background goes, "Nice shades, A$$hole".

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  2. jonoyong

    jonoyong Staff Member Premium Member

    nice. \m/

  3. jk-27

    jk-27 Premium Member

  4. AtmosPlease?



    I saw an old episode of Cops where the officer was wearing the black gen 1 froggies the other day. I was pretty jealous.

  5. jiveSEVEN


    "why are you so sweaty?", "I was watching Cops"

  6. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    "Hey man. Did you touch my drum set?"

  7. jiveSEVEN


    "Oh yea? Well I know cops doesn't start till 4:00!"

  8. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    "I'm going upstairs....cause I'm gonna put my nutsack on your drum set!"

  9. jiveSEVEN


    Prestige Worldwide!

  10. oakleyguy7

    oakleyguy7 Premium Member

    Boats and Hoes!

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