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  1. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

    Trophy Points:
    With these 3 basic styles being the main throwback 80's-esque pair to have, which do you guys prefer? I used to not like the flimsiness of the Frogskins however after getting accustomed to them I like having them as a light pair that won't hurt my nose after wearing them all day. The Jupiter however has a superior fit in terms of how it stays on, as well as the Holbrook too for when you want to have a different look from the traditional Wayfarer/Frogskins. So which do you guys prefer?
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  2. throwbackchampion

    throwbackchampion Oakley Beginner

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    You're Definitely right on the Jupiter's being a superior fit. i can assure that too by a 110% so that's the one i mostly prefer besides the frogskins.

    Upon inspecting the holbrook (didn't buy purchased one btw) it feels like a second tier Ray-Ban Wayfarer ;)

    BTW here's my Frogskins & Jupiter
    Frogskins Vs Jupiter Vs Holbrook - 5671560921_29d266a9d9_z.jpg
    Oakley Frogskins Polished Black w/ +Red Ruby Iridium
    Oakley Jupiter Julian Wilson Australia Exclusive Polished Black w/ Ice Iridium
    Oakley Jupiter Polished Clear w/ Violet Iridium
  3. The Game

    The Game Oakley Collector

    Trophy Points:
    Frogskin all day, every day!

    Holbrook in second place
  4. wrist

    wrist Oakley Collector

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    Why do you say that? Because of the bolts? The Jupiter silhouette is much similar to the Wayfarers than the Holbrooks.

    Holbrooks hands down are the best of the three (imo). For my large, rectanglur shaped head, the larger, square lenses accentuate my face perfectly. Frogskins are a classic, theres no doubt about that, but they look silly on me. I do like Jupiters as well, but as soon as I bought my first Holbrook, I stopped wearing everything else.

    Holbrook > Frogskin > Jupiter.
  5. jward106

    jward106 Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Having tried out all three I preferred the fit of the Holbrook the best. Nothing against the others, but i feel the fit was superior. In terms of looks I'd say Frogs and Holbrooks are both ahead of the Jupiter.
  6. MrLee

    MrLee Oakley Beginner

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    I've got two pairs of Frogskins, and Original pair (Made in Japan), and a new pair, and I love them both, but I think thats just the fan boy in me ;p

    I really want to pick myself up a pair of MotoGP Holbrook though because they fit 10x better, but I'm Asian so I'm limited what I can wear anyway xD

    In terms of look though there's not an awful lot between them, but I'd say Frogskins > Holbrook > Jupiter but I'm sure there are many that would disagree.
  7. luizparreira

    luizparreira Oakley Beginner

    Trophy Points:
    Which one is bigger ou larger?

    I'm importing one of those or two, since I'm in Brazil is very hard to find the new ones around, But first I would like to know which one is bigger, Holbrook or Frogskins???
  8. 97HRM

    97HRM Oakley Beginner

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    Holbrook is the way to go. Not really a wayfarer design at all IMO, frogskin and jupiter are much closer to the wayfarer. Holbrook fits me much better, and has more of a masculine presence imo

    IUSTEVE Oakley Expert

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    Are the Holdbrooks a good fit for a "larger" head? I hate to ask here but I have yet to try a pair on. For comparison Fuel Cells, Monster Dogs, Pit Bulls fit me well.
  10. EditReject

    EditReject Oakley Enthusiast

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    Yes. You should be good if the three frames you mentioned work for you. However, definitely try them on before you buy. While they may fit you just may not like how they look on you. Or you could post on here in the "Ok do these suit me" thread for some honest opinions.