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Oakley Expert
276 of Virginia
Hi longtime collector from southwest Virginia near Ky and Tn border. I got my first pair back in 1989, no local stores within 50 miles of here, had to drive an hour each way to buy them until internet.
Envious of you guys who have local stores i have driven 6 hours one way before just to buy a pair. If anyone has connections would like a pair of 24k lenses for half jacket..
Welcome to the boards! Having a store far away is def a pain, online shopping is the way to go these days. The downside is not being able to try them on before you buy them, and having money taken out of your account before you have your new sunnies!
Mine is very small and nothing compared to what you will see on here. I still don't even have an oakley display but maybe when it gets bigger I will post :)