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Fuel Cell Help


Oakley Beginner
Looking to buy a pair of fuel cells but with all of the limited and special editions out there I dont know which ones to go with haha. Right now im thinking about the following

Don Pendleton
Exclusive Science Purple

Please let me know your opinions, and if you have any that you may be willing to sell! Leaning towards the Global Right now because they are polarized, but there hard to find for a good price.
Out of all of those my vote would go to the TACA or the Exclusive Science Purple, though it might be hard/expensive to find one since they are sold out. If so I like the TACA's they are simple and for a good cause! :D
Those are all sweet choices. I'd take a loot at the Troy Lee fuel cells too there SICK! If not i like the Dan Pendleton ones too. Let us know what u pick and put picks up when u get them
I have two of the Troy Lee and two of the Exclusive Science Purple (and the full set :D). I love violet iridium lenses. However, the Troy Lee Fuel Cell are some of the coolest pair of Oakleys I have EVER Seen. I've been collecting since about 1996 and I've yet to think of a pair that looks as cool as those due absent a few Oil Rigs.
I also like the clear with violet lenses and the Troy Lee are definately added to that list too now that I looked them up haha I'm currently trying to work a deal for global $120 for new global a good price?