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  1. David_Oakley

    David_Oakley Oakley Collector

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    I'm a big OEM and Custom Cut Oakley lens proponent...

    BUT, I've heard and seen a set of FUSE lenses recently (a friend's). They look pretty thick and solid.

    Has anyone had experience with FUSE lenses and can give insight on how comparable it is to Oakley Optics?

    In other words, is this truly a viable and less expensive alternative (substitute) for Oakley lenses?


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  2. kronin323

    kronin323 Font of Useless Knowledge Premium Member

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  4. 12second12

    12second12 Oakley Beginner

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    I'm pretty impressed with the F30 golf lens.
    Fit is perfect in the xx. I caught myself not having to take them off, when reading greens, or when putting.
    I have some blaze, ruby, coming for my Jordan Romeos, they say they'll fit just fine!
    The early Jordan's seem a bit confusing, as far as lenses go?
    I'll know in a day or two if they nailed it!
  5. discostu

    discostu Oakley Expert Premium Member

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    I use a pair of their Fuse + Amber f30 lens in my R1 and they are extremely good so far.
  6. 12second12

    12second12 Oakley Beginner

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    I'll be using mine as the days get shorter. The F30 I'm not sure if mine are the plus, I guess zeis, yeah I think they are, just not polarized.
    I'm still using the 24k in my xx I got from Sappy, there a little worn but still nice!
    My other xx need a nose job, with the golf lenses.
    My Jordan Romeos are getting Linegear red rubber, and red fuse lenses.
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  7. 12second12

    12second12 Oakley Beginner

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  8. Jontoad

    Jontoad Oakley Expert

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    i have two pairs with Fuse lenses and all my other frames have OEM Oakley lenses or custom cut OEM Oakley lenses. every other aftermarket lens i have bout i have thrown in the trash. i originally ordered a set of Fuse for a square wire 2.0 SH since you can't get Oakley Fire lenses for them anymore and i don't really wear them. i was impressed enough to order a set of their Chrome Polarized for one of my pairs of Holbrooks. i really like them. obviously i prefer the OEM lenses or cuts when i can, but Fuse is pretty good for beater pairs and stuff like that.
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  9. Skyler

    Skyler Oakley Enthusiast Premium Member

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    Hummmm... So the fuse lenses are good enough but only good enough for beater frames?

    Help me understand this because I'm interested in getting a few as well.
  10. pupusasrock

    pupusasrock Oakley Enthusiast

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    I will throw in my two cents.

    I have purchased a fair amount of Fuse lenses, and for the most part I like them a lot. Here is a quick list of pros and cons based on my experience:


    - Nice lens that holds up to use (doesn't flake like some other brands)
    - Lots of color options
    - Cheaper than OEM and MUCH cheaper than custom cuts (I have a ton of custom cuts as well)


    - Base 6 lens, which means you have to push a bit to get them in a Juliet frame
    - The colors seem to change often and without warning. A while ago I purchased a pair of Blaze polarized and they were beautiful with reds, yellows, and the deep purples of older ruby lenses. I then purchased a newer pair, and they were pretty much all red. I also had the same experience with their Sapphire lens. Purchased two pairs, one was a grey base and the other was a rose base. So in my experience you don't know what you are going to get. When I contacted support they told me that, "materials change often."

    Overall I like them as aftermarkets go. I have a pair of Zeiss Midnight Polars that I use for the beach and other situations where I don't really care if the lenses get damaged. I do have one pair that I wear on a regular basis that are the older blaze lenses, but for the most part I stick to OEM lenses.
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