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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by Zax, 10/10/11.

  1. Zax

    Zax Premium Member

    I'm not sure if anyone has been looking on eBay for Gascan's, but aside from all of the fake ones, there are a lot of icon options out there. Is there actually a way of taking out the icon's from the Gascan without destroying them?

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  2. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member

    to swap icons i take my fingernails . . .
    some people prefer a thin piece of plastic or even a scewdriver. but the fingernails work fine for me so far ;o) you can do it with almost all icons. just bending the stem a bit outwards and try to get under the icon. there is a double-sided tape. the icon can be removed and put back a few times but than you need a new tape!

  3. MugenPWR


    i assume the same is to be said for the holbrooks? i would love to spruce up my pair!

  4. Zax

    Zax Premium Member

    I didn't realize they were held down by tape. I thought they were permanently glued in haha. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Oakleynerd

    Oakleynerd Staff Member Premium Member


    it will work with the icons form holbrooks too
    and all other icons!!!

    i did it with hijinx, antix, gascan, jawbone, split jacket and eyepatch.

  6. Jace Johnson

    Jace Johnson

    I've been looking everywhere, and I can't find any gascan icons. Do y'all know where I can buy some? There's only two pair on ebay.

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