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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by rhuntington3, 6/19/11.

  1. rhuntington3


    I'm going to get a pair of Gascans and can't decide on frame and lens color so I thought I'd start a poll and see which option was the most popular.

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  2. The Game

    The Game

    matte black with grey polarized

  3. yoshi1984


    Matte black with a fire lens is awesome. Matte black really make the iridium lenses pop or stand out really well.
    I also like crystal black with a black iridium.

  4. BAPD77

    BAPD77 Premium Member

    Matte blk with blue icons and ice iridium lenses.

  5. BanjoBill


    Matte black with grey polarized here as well


  6. rhuntington3


    So which is darker. Warm Grey or Grey Polarized?

  7. yoshi1984


    Grey polarized will be darker than the normal warm grey lens. Same with black iridium and the polarized. I think grey polarized lets in about 9% of light. I could be wrong.

  8. rhuntington3



  9. SpliceD


    Have you worn polarized lenses before? Some people complain that they get headaches with polarized lenses. You may want to try on a pair before committing to a pair that you may regret.

  10. rhuntington3


    My current Oakley's are polarized and I have no issues with them and they are prescription to boot!

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