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  1. del518

    del518 I have a few pair.....

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    So, yesterday I went skiing for the first time this year. My wife has been after me to get a helmet and I have been putting it off. Not because I don't want one.....I just like to do my research, read reviews, talk to people etc.

    Well, on Saturday night we decided to go skiing with my boss and her husband on Sunday. I was going to run out to my local ski shop and pick up a helmet.....but I decided to put it off (since I had not done my "research" yet). I thought to myself, I have been skiing a hundred times, nothing is going to happen if I go one more time with no helmet.

    On my 5th run down the mountain I end up falling and smacking the back if my head. My goggles fly off my head in one direction and my hat goes in a different direction. It was very scary as I hit my head so hard I was seeing stars. Once I gathered myself (and told everyone who stopped that I was alright) I headed to the base of the mountain and called it a day.

    On the drive home my neck started to stiffen but I still felt alright. Had some dinner when we got home, surfed the web for a bit then hit the sack.

    When I woke up this morning I could not lift my head under my own power (very scary). I had to roll to my side and push myself up.

    To wrap up my story, I went to to Doc today and after a series of tests I have numerous strained muscles in my neck and a mild concussion.

    So I need a helmet and I have a pair of Airbrakes. Does anyone have any fitment issues with ant particular make of helmet with their goggles? I am leaning towards the Giro brand.

    At this point I am leaning towards buying a helmet and fitting goggles to it, rather then the opposite. I thought I would seek some feedback from you since it will be a few weeks before I ski again.
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  2. Yeti

    Yeti Frostmonkey Staff Member Premium Member

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    Your best bet it to just try a bunch on.

    You will never get as good of a fit pairing brands together as you would going with all one brand IE: POC
  3. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Go to a place where you can try a variety of helmets on and bring your goggles along to test the fitment.
  4. Mikkelf

    Mikkelf Oakley Beginner

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    I use POC helmets (mainly Receptor BUG, as it ventilates very well). I have used it with both Crowbars and Splice goggles wihout any problems. If you can fit your head into a POC helmet you can feel pretty safe.

    I have uploaded a couple of pictures of me wearing a POC Receptor BUG with Splice Goggles. The fit should be more or less the same with the Airbrake I believe.

    Goggle And Helmet Fitment? - 8359867037_ae13632aff_b.jpg

    Goggle And Helmet Fitment? - 8360929636_d5d9a26a93_z.jpg

    BTW - helmet is not an Oakley Edition...it is just stickers I put on my self.

    Hope for a speedy recovery..... and remember to stay safe but still have a lot of fun on the skis.
  5. Juleye Exclusive Eyewear

    Juleye Exclusive Eyewear http://www.juleye.nl

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    Best of luck with the recovery.
    I have a RED helmet with which I can use my airbrakes very well. Just can't come on the name of it for now though...
  6. BriP

    BriP X-Metalhead

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    yeah man i never snowboard without a helmet. its so scary how hard i hit my head when the board just bites in lol. in all seriousness though, im glad to hear it isnt too severe.. get well soon and DONT forget your helmet! buy a nice one so you'll WANT to use it =)
  7. OakleyFrankFMJ

    OakleyFrankFMJ The Legend - - Vlad the Impaler Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Good thing you are ok....I'm sure you will have a helmet before your next run.

    It's almost like when I wiped out on my bike this one time and hit a guardrail back first at around 90MPH....If I wasn't wearing gear I'd be dead for sure. Gear saves your brain, limbs and your life.
  8. Batwolf

    Batwolf Double Team Premium Member

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    Especially with the increase in activity over these past couple of years, skiing and snowboarding isn't what it used to be. People are going higher, faster and doing crazier moves.
  9. U8myburger

    U8myburger Oakley Beginner

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    I've had a giro helmet and a smith helmet. Unfortunately my a-frames do not fit at all. The frames are tall therefore they press down on the bridge of my most and restrict my breathing. I found that dragon frames fit really good
  10. O-Skier

    O-Skier Oakley Beginner

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    Hey, I've been chasin snow for three years and have been through three helmets and tried a lot on.
    I first had pro-tech. That broke too easily.
    Then I've had two RED helmets (from Burton). They fit very well with the Splice goggle.

    I'm going to get a new helmet this winter. Have a look at POC they have a helmet with MIPS technology in it. In my opinion, the future of skiing helmets.

    It's worth noting that Helmet manufacturers benchmark Oakley Goggles with their designs.
    When they created the Air Brake Oakley tested 1000s of helmets and found that more than 98% of the fit perfectly.

    Hope this helps.