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Goggle Recommendations....


I have a few pair.....
Upstate New York
Looking to get a new pair of goggles this year, but I am not sure which model to go with. I am interested in the Airbrake, simply for the option of changing the lens. With that being said most of my skiing is done during the day....so I am not sure how often I would actually change the lens.

What do you have and what are your thoughts on them? If you were to get a new pair....what would you get?

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Andrew Oakley

Oakley Beginner
I have a couple of the Splices, I like them a lot, plus you can get them pretty cheap. I believe the airbrake is around $200 or so, I'm pretty sure you can get the splice for around half that. It is very similar and if you get lucky you can snag one from a vault for around $70!


I love working Dispatch
you may not change the lenses that often, but as i like to say, it's always nice to have that option, and it couldn't hurt. I love the design of them. You really have to buy that Seth Morrison Mtn. Reaper Crowbar! lol. Really sick artwork and colors, love the red/black/white scratch design...Im really interested to see the box/bag artwork for them. The splice is a nice alternative, similar design to the Airbrake but you can find some great deals on them. Oakleyvault.com for a while had a lot of nice goggles on there, but now they only have a-frames.

But if i could snowboard or ski, or not fall on my arse on the snow...i'd probably get the J.P. Auclair tokyo subway crowbar's more for the artwork lol. I do like the Airbrake, there just isn't any cool special signature editions out right now other than shaun white.


Staff member
Premium Member
the Airbrake is DOPE dude - it's so easy to swap the lenses and the fit is awesome IMO!



Oakley Beginner
I have had A LOT of Splice and Crowbar goggles. Currently I only own 5-6 pairs of Splice, and I believe in having the correct lense for the weather situation. Even though all your skiing is done at daytime you will experience changing light conditions from bright sun to overcast and heavy snowfall.

I mostly use Fire Iridium, Black Iridium and Dark Grey for sunny conditions but also Blue Iridium would be great. For snowfall and overcast I mostly use High Intensity Yellow.

So get a good dark lense for sunny conditions and one for whteout/overcast. If you can only afford one lense - go for the Pink Iridium - it will work great in both sun and whiteout is my experience. It also looks really good :eek:).

For the frame I would go for Airbrake.... it is a pain to change lenses in Crowbar and Splice (alternatively buy two Splice frames. It is always a good idea to have a spare goggle with you on the mountain.)


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okay the airbrake is not cheap but the technology behind them is awesome!!
my $0.02