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I am looking at gold iridium non-vented or vr28 black iridium vented lenses for some matte rootbeer split jackets that I own.

I use vr28 black iridium a lot and do like it. And I have used gold iridium in a previously owned pair of romeo 1 but its been a while since I sold them and didnt use them much so dont recall the lens much.

What are everyone's thoughts on gold iridium vs vr28 black iridium?

Here is a picture of said frame with Rx vr28 black iridium polarized. The frame came with tungsten iridium which I found to be too light for most applications.


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I would take VR28 BI (specifically VR28 BIP) any day over Gold Iridium / Gold Iridium polar, hands down. Richer viewing colors, more versatility for changing light conditions.

But Gold Ir isn't bad, especially for less bright light conditions.

I use all four (Waterjacket w/ VR28 BI, Juliet w/ VR28 BIP, R1 w/ Gold Ir, Half-X w/ Gold Ir polar).


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I'll buck the trend and opt for gold - it's a much more subtle contrast base than VR28. I don't dislike VR28 but it's an aggressive contrast - for me, the effect is a bit like a TV or monitor with oversaturated colours.

My TiO2s have gold rather than the original VR28 BI for this very reason. I do have a pair of polished/VR28 BI I wear sometimes though and a VR28 Radar lens so I'm not dead set against it!


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I think gold goes better with rootbeer from a purely aesthetic perspective since I think the tones match better but gold and VR28 are both pretty versatile lenses to look through so it's really up to you whether you prefer a more rose based tint (VR28) or a more bronze based tint (gold).


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thanks for input guys. going to try the gold and if I don't like it will do the vr28 bi.

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