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  1. eldiablojoe

    eldiablojoe Oakley Beginner

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    Perhaps this might have been best posted in the Intro thread. I know I'm just a neophyte here, but I have to tell you, the amount and quality of responses I've received here - especially from the busy moderators - has been impressive. I've asked some noob questions, thrown out some random passing considerations I've since taken off the table (like the bottle caps on the Vault. fixed lenses) and have waffled back and forth on my preferences, and you guys have consistently fed me valuable feedback and entertained my inquiries. I tip my hat and nod my head to you. Thank you.

    I've been a Ray-Ban guy most of my life, mostly because when I was younger they fit my skinny face. I was impressed 25 years ago with their quality glass lenses, and historic reputation (Hello. Wayfarers!).

    Last September or so, several co-workers and I signed up for a half-marathon. One of them bought a pair of Livestrong Flaks. Another co-worker running the race likes to cycle. He has a pair of Oakleys he wears too. I think they are Radars, but I had no idea of the different models then. I thought my co-workers Flak Jackets were great! I tried running with my newest pair of Ray-Bans but they were so heavy, and they bounced constantly off the tip of my nose, I eventually took them off mid-run. A complete distraction and useless to boot.

    I went to an O store to buy the same Livestrong Flaks my coworker bought. I'm generally not very flashy. You won't see me in bright colors or wild styles very often. I'm understated, conservative, and basic in my tastes. The plain, adaptable, great-for-every-situtation black of the Livestrongs appealed to me, and the yellow was just enough flash to call attention to the cause they represent that I was willing to wear them.

    When I got to the O store, I saw a bright light from heaven. There were no NCAA themed glasses of any kind. Except a pair of flak jackets from my alma mater, USC. (That's Southern California for you guys in South Carolina ;). I bought em, and I love them. I wear them daily, and I wear them running.

    I recently reached the point that I felt I needed a more classic pair (read as: everyday wear, professional, nondescript, adaptable for casual and dressy attire and situations). Then I started looking at the Oakley . com website and learning. I was bitten by the bug and settled on the polarized fast jackets. I loved the switch lock technology that doesn't put added pressure on the lenses or frames during swap outs, and I loved the look. Too bad I discovered after purchasing that they were too big for my face. Too bad also, I learned to like the persimmon low light lens and the polarized iridium black lenses I have with the FastJackets. My eyes are sensitive and I spend a lot of time near the water. Plus I drive a vehicle with a hood shape that seems to cause glare to hit me directly in the eye. A beam of glare is occasionally a migraine trigger for me.

    That turned me on to the only other models I've seen with switch lock tech, the Radars. I'm currently leaning toward the RadarLock Path's (Black with persimmon) and then adding a polarized lens for three sets of lenses total.

    I haven't bought another pair yet, perhaps later this week or next, but that's how I'm leaning and I appreciate the feedback, insights, and responses I've received from all of you here. So, again, Thank you.
    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. bouncing_boy77

    bouncing_boy77 Oakley Enthusiast

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    This should go in the intros section, you can ask a mod to move it for you. Welcome to the boards, hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. OakleyBoss

    OakleyBoss Moderator Staff Member Administrator

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    Just moved this to intros...Thanks for the kind words about the forum and enjoy your stay :)
  4. CarGuy

    CarGuy Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    Hey LD Joe, Great user name!
    I'm a noob too and echo your sentiments. This forum seems to have a membership that is more interested in sharing knowledge and experience than flaming. If you own a Honda and have been to a Honda site or a similar site then you know what I mean.
  5. Pjam23

    Pjam23 Oakley Collector

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    Hey bro this forum is for you to talk about anything you want in the right section, I just joined this year and you see almost anything as you see in real life, so let it out, it's good to have people with a lot of knowledge, cause I began in this forum asking questions, so enjoy the time you spend here and enjoy your oakleys bro, welcome