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Discussion in 'Recent X-Metal Purchases' started by aaronm2880, 2/10/19.

  1. aaronm2880


    Just purchased these for 325 from Ebay.

    Got a great deal on Penny’s - 852C2B4F-1A2B-4EBE-847A-D81818F3DE44.png
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  2. Dieseltech

    Dieseltech Premium Member

    Congrats! Pennys are Awesome!
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  3. Jmgarcia



    Very clean penny, congrats!

  4. **Tinman**


    Very nice score!

  5. QLR1



  6. Jaydub


    There’s deals if you watch for them!!
    Great find

  7. aaronm2880


    Yes indeed. Im excited.
    I just love the Penny frame.
    These are Ti/Vr28.
    I have lots of spare penny lenses. Trying to decide which to install in the titanium frame or just leave the Vr28s

  8. pjd1234


    Penny usually runs at about that price range.

  9. Atticus

    Atticus Premium Member Lifetime Member

    With VR28? That’s a great lens and adds a little value, I think.

    @aaronm2880 Id leave those lenses in. They’re one of the best...
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  10. RandyVH1984

    RandyVH1984 Premium Member

    Very nice Penny.
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