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Discussion in 'Recent Oakley Purchases' started by -=Jeff=-, 10/7/11.

  1. -=Jeff=-


    Got home from work and they were waiting for me :)

    swapped out one of the Ti Iridium and they seem to have less contrast, so I swapped the other and went for a drive. they have a slight more contrast then what I am use to but I think the Polarization will be nice again.

    Compared to my X metal XX BI non-polarized the are not bad..

    Makes me 1/2 tempted to try to Trade my X Metal XX for another pair of Juliets (Polished frame with BIP lenses)

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD


    Don't trade it in! They'll only give you 20% off toward new Juliets which is like $80. If you really don't want them, i'll buy them off you for $100! :smile:

    But seriously. Keep your XX's.

  3. -=Jeff=-


    No I meant I would do a WTT post here.

    Besides for the 20% off you keep the old pair if going through Oakley Customer Service

  4. SpliceD


    That's not always true. While some members have had that happen, i was instructed to send my old pair in and they wouldn't do it without the old pair.

    Anyway, back on topic: The VR28 lenses are nice lenses. Any pics of them in your Juliets?

  5. -=Jeff=-


    Yeah I heard that.. every Rep I talked to said I could keep the old pair, either way I have others if I have to send a pair in.. Anyway.. on to the pics

    Got My VR28 BIP Lenses - 2011-10-07_17-34-21_518.jpg

    Got My VR28 BIP Lenses - 2011-10-07_17-33-52_288.jpg

    As to the lenses, they have a distinct rose color to them. I think the contrast on these are less intense then the Ti Iridium lenses that I got with the Juliets. Not sure I like the Ti Iridium, maybe later I will get an emerald pair of lenses.

    EDIT.. I forgot to add that these lenses still compliment the Rootbeer nose bombs and Ear socks

  6. SpliceD


    They look great! I notice that rose tint to it. It pops nicely with the carbon (?) frame. It's hard to tell those are ruby earsocks. They look black to me.

    I've been wanting emerald in a polished frame for a while now. Just need to actually do it.

  7. -=Jeff=-


    Yeah the rootbeer looks black in lower light. Frames are X Metal

  8. JOBEN


    PMed Jeff

  9. bouncing_boy77


    those vr28s are nice! i'm still choosing between emerald or ice iridium to put in the juliets (plasma frame) i got back from oakley for a tune-up, and after those pictures, i might just go for these instead.

  10. -=Jeff=-


    I will rock these tomorrow at my son's Soccer game and all weekend to try them out..

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