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Got Some Frogs As Part Of A Package Deal - Anything Special In Here?


Oakley Enthusiast
Choctaw, OK
Just brought home a package deal where I got a doublewide, some Juliet's, a pair of OTTs and a bunch of other stuff. There were 5 Frogs included in the package. I have a couple of questions. Is there anything here that is out of the ordinary or unique? I've never given much thought to Frogs as I don't think they look good on me. Lol. The other question is he didn't know which bag went to which Frog (or if it even matters). Does anyone know which bag belongs where? There was also a pink bag not in the picture. Thanks in advance!

Acid Blue - Grey 24-250

Mesa Orange - Fire 24-344

VR/46 Polished Black - Fire 24-325

Acid Tortoise Green - Emerald 24-310

Crystal Black - +Red 24-304

All the bags:

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Enthusiast
Im not a huge frog guy but the valentino rossi ones are the ones that jump out at me. the mesa may be worth something but not 100% sure. Nice grabs


Oakley Enthusiast
Bear, DE
Nothing out of the ordinary there unfortunately but nice pick-ups nonetheless. The Summit series are on the Vault website now for $59.99 each. The VR46 is a special edition but readily available as are the others. If you were looking to get rid of the VR46 by any chance, let me know.

Bags top to bottom:
Crystal Black (although when I got mine it was a pink bag but most likely the CB here out of elimination)
Acid x 2


Oakley Enthusiast
Choctaw, OK
Thanks for the info on the glasses and bags! There was also an IH Frog included in the batch, but I didn't include it. I do have a pink bag here that I forgot about adding to the pic.

Even though I can't rock these, they add some color to my case. Lol. If I decide to sell these, EditReject, you are first in line for the VR46s.

Thanks again!


Oakley Enthusiast
You gotta show us a picture of the whole pick up. Sounds like a very nice score.


Oakley Collector
I would be interested in the Rossi ones if you wish to sell any? Also what juliets do you have and if you would consider selling them


Oakley Enthusiast
Choctaw, OK
I'll post some pictures up tonight.
Leglessracing: I have quite a few Juliet's but I have a weakness for them and won't be selling them anytime soon. :)
I'm still on the fence on selling the Frogs, they add some color to the case. Lol


Oakley Enthusiast
Choctaw, OK
Not the greatest pics, but here is what I picked up in the package deal:

All the Frogskins:

Got a Plasma/VR28 BIP pair and a BNIB X-Metal Ruby pair:

A pair of OTTs with BI lenses in great shape with the box in pretty good shape (I try to wear these when I can)

Watches: a Holeshot and a GMT

A pair of SI Cerakote Fuelcells:

A doublewide case (X-metal or Spline, I'm not sure) with a boatload of metal and plastic display stands, watch stand, some card stands and a bunch of run-of-the-mill POP material.

While I was down there at Peterson AFB, I also picked up an Elite display case. The wagon was really filled up with all the stuff I brought back.


All in all not a bad haul...I need to get better pics and post up all the Oakley stuff I've bought since May. This forum is a bad influence. Lol