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  1. Krank

    Krank Oakley Enthusiast

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    I've seen the linegear green and walleva green rubber. Both seem way bright/ neon. Has there ever been a more subdued green variation oem or aftermarket, Camo green for example?
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  2. Brett28

    Brett28 Here's my money, thanks

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    Not that I have found yet bro, I freakin love the ichiro green with a passion and would love to be able to acquire more sets. Maybe an email to linegear is in order, I believe he's working on ih purple and orange because of a few members' lobbying efforts!
  3. lu270bro

    lu270bro Oakley Enthusiast

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    I have emailed a couple times regarding this. I asked about them doing the emerald/pearl green and also a darker blue. This was 2 months ago and have yet to hear a response.