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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by thenewloser, 7/30/18.

  1. thenewloser

    thenewloser Premium Member

    Ay-O! How's it going? Long time glasses wearer that always wore the cheap sunglasses, usually leftover from house parties, and wore them until they broke or got lost. Then my wife came along, bought me my first pair of TwoFace and I was hooked. To date I have three pairs of TwoFace, a Fuel Cell and have a pair of Maininks on order to replace my current daily use spectacles. Not much of a photographer but here's my set of daily drivers I wear most often.

    TwoFace, Covert Collection
    Matte Black, Prizm Daily Polarized, OO9189-26

    Growing Oakley Fan - LyvSgZi.jpg
    Growing Oakley Fan - 4J3VNYX.jpg

    Fuel Cell, Infinite Hero
    Blue Black, Black Iridium, OO9096-I460

    Growing Oakley Fan - tKHpbCT.jpg
    Growing Oakley Fan - IC977pc.jpg

    Here's them sitting on the stand on my desk, where they sit when I'm inside.

    Growing Oakley Fan - xd6rxln.jpg

    I don't tend to like stock so with the exception of the TwoFace Covert Collection (the ones the wife gave me, so sentimental) I'm having all the lenses changed out with RX Oakley lenses. The Fuel Cell above has a paid of Violet Iridium Polarized being made right now. The other TwoFace's are Machinist Collection and a simple Blue Pop, respectively. Blue's are out, also getting RX lenses made, Prizm Blue Sapphire Polarized, and the Machinist one's will go out after. No idea what lenses are going into those so any recommendations are always appreciated.

    Thanks for letting me show off for a bit. I'm sure we'll talk more later.
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  2. Nortika

    Nortika Premium Member

    Welcome aboard, very nice pairs

  3. Riga Mortis

    Riga Mortis

    Hi welcome

  4. MatSteelersFan

    MatSteelersFan Premium Member Lifetime Member

  5. hondazcrxsi


    Hi and welcome to the forum

  6. QLR1


    Welcome.. The wife has good taste. Keep her lol

  7. Dullisc


    Welcome aboard. Beautiful IH Fuel Cells. Great choice.

  8. thenewloser

    thenewloser Premium Member

    Going to ad an update to finish showing off my current collection, not including the ones in transit right now.

    Today Mainlink's showed up and, holy space monkeys, these lenses are the awesome! Right away the color on my the seems brighter and clearer than ever before.

    My wife even first remarked that she thought these weren't the scripted lenses because she could just see straight through them, with a small exception on the top of my right eye (-3.50 so I think that's to be expected).

    The Mainlink's double as both sunglasses and spectacles but I don't think I'd look good in them on the sunny side but as regular glasses, I'm glad I tried these. The colors fit just right (go Dodgers) and the tiny little O in the corner is just straight tits. Can't get over them.

    Growing Oakley Fan - zXAbBCp.jpg

    Growing Oakley Fan - 8TGmeaX.jpg

    Growing Oakley Fan - L0c3iPP.jpg

    My TwoFace Machinist Collection pair I was able to come up on cheap due to a scratch on the right eye. It doesn't affect the view out but it is noticeable. I'm getting some different lenses for these, TBD. Given the name, I keep these in the metal O case.

    Growing Oakley Fan - ytksSn7.jpg

    Growing Oakley Fan - N81qEmm.jpg

    Growing Oakley Fan - 97EjUKK.jpg

    Can't wait to show you my last pair this weekend. Then it's off to the market for new lenses.

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  9. Dullisc


    Nice congrats they look good.

  10. Codechimp08

    Codechimp08 Premium Member

    Nice collection bro, welcome home.

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