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Had a nice month....kinda. 2 frames and about a dozen lenses!!


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Got a Ducati Juliet from @Jacob Carstens and a polished Juliet frame from @OakleyTrader15. All very nice!! Also got my hands on 4 Juliet Ice Polar Iridiums, 8 Polar Big Taco donors, 2 Juliet Black Iridium, 2 Fire Polar Iridium, and as per @Bronzefunk 's suggestion, two OO Black Iridium. My friend at the O store was able to give me any Big Taco I wanted for $50...watches are %25 off!! Going back tomorrow to get more Big Taco lenses, I took al the 24Ks they had (4) and several others. ALL polarized!! :)

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Thanks fellas....couldn't have done it without the help of you all. Finding donor lenses was a total nightmare. I was told one kind of lens would work as a donor for Juliets, and after I bought them....I was told they could not. Not that big of a deal, because I found a place that had some old stock of Big Tacos....and they gave me a break on the price. Spent all I had on them. Going back tomorrow to pick up the rest they set aside for me. All Big Taco, all iridium polarized! :) Glad I found them because I am working on two custom (3 actually) frames...and I needed those lenses BADLY. Glad I found them, and for half the price other folks are selling them for. I got to take a closer look at the Prizm series...I was VERY impressed. The OO red, baseball, road....all very nice. I walked in to the store and they had some really nice watches on sale.....25% off. They had almost every pair. I WANT!!!!