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Had to trim/shave my Gascan arms


Oakley Beginner
I recently got a new pair of Gascan's and noticed what might be a bit of a design flaw. I don't have any before pictures, but being that we're all enthuiasts, I'm sure the end tips can be pictured.

The ends of the arms have a bit of a triangle shape to them. When I fold the glasses closed, the tip of the arm overlaps and interferes with the hinges of the arm on the other side (if I'm making sense). This would cause the arm to be "pushed" down putting an uncomfortable bend at the arm's hinge.

I squared off the ends of the arms at the "O" on one side and the Assembled in USA on the other (bit sacrilege to new glasses, I know). O-Matter is tough stuff! Sitting there with a hand file I would've been there forever. Had to take a grinder to it!



These were just the rough cuts. I smoothed out the edges with a file, then a nail file, then sandpaper.

Now when I fold the arms to put the glasses in their case, there's clearance.



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