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Half Jacket XLJ - Ruby Lenses


Pronounced, "Spliced"
Los Angeles, CA
Just picked up some Ruby lenses for my Half Jackets.

The frame isn't new and i already have the Ice and Emerald Iridium lenses for them. Picked them up as a OCP set while on vacation in Oahu a few years ago.

The Ruby isn't that deep red with dark purple hues. It actually looks more like a Fire Iridium that's more red than orange, but i'm still happy with them for a $30 CL find. The lenses were claimed to be BNIB, but each lens has a very small hairline scratch that's not noticeable unless you're really looking for them. Probably got scratched during handling. Again, i couldn't pass it up for the price.

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pretty cool combo. . .
you got me, with the matte black frame and the ruby lenses!
now i have to buy one :cool:

@jiveSEVEN - Yup, like i was telling you, i couldn't pass it up for the price.

@the piper - Weren't you still looking for Half-Jackets a while back? Was this the pair you ended up getting?

@JOBEN - Thanks!

@Oakleynerd - I've had the frame for a while with the Ice and Emerald. While they were cool, the colors never really popped. As soon as the Ruby's went in, i fell in love. I usually rotate my glasses on a daily basis, but i've worn these two days in a row now and plan to keep wearing them. They look AWESOME in the sunlight!

great find at 30 bucks!!... and i feel HJs work best with XLJ lenses... the regular lenses are just too small...

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