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Discussion in 'Oakley Sunglasses Discussion' started by RobertR, 8/19/11.

  1. RobertR


    Newbie here, so be gentle..

    Bought a pair of half x carbon black iridium and I don't know what to make of them. Are they meant to so fitted to the face?? I've been doing my better half's head in asking if they are too small for my face and her and everyone else say they fit fine, but I'm still not sure to be honest. It's as if the nose is not wide enough and they sit higher on the face, or maybe I've got too big a nose for this style?? (p.s I'm no Barry Manilow :) )

    Anyone else have these, and what do you think of them??



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  2. Hed568


    Post a pic of yourself wearing it and we can do a little poll :)

  3. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Ditto..... Post a pix, dont be shy!!!!!!! OR.... Trust your instinct.... How do they feel? Comfortable, tight in the temple area? Sits too high too low?? Try swapping out the nose pads. You should have another set if you bought them new in the box. Swap the pads then try them on for awhile. If they don't fit and you ca't return them let us know in the forum exchange thread.... You might find someone who will bu them from you...

  4. xmetalx


    Templeshocks can make a huge difference too. I'd assume because this is an X-Metal it should have those too. Get the biggest one you can and then see if it makes enough of a difference.

  5. del518


    Post a Pic and welcome to the forum.

  6. xmetalmaniac

    xmetalmaniac Premium Member Lifetime Member

    The Half X model does not have temple shocks.... It is a compression/spring hinge temple.....

  7. OBlazer


    I originally thought that my halfXs were too skinny for my face, but after wearing them on a couple occasions they really grew on me and now i love how they look!

  8. Razerwire


    I wish I could wear the Half X but they're like a fricken vice on my head. LOL

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