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Half X Rubber Sets

No bueno. Any idea what there is to do with a pair without rubber? Can't see them selling for much.

@jdd32's been making some custom rubbers, though I don't know if whatever the cost is would make it worth it from a resell perspective. But it makes them wearable...

Or you could hold out for however long it takes for a replacement set to pop up, though that won't be cheap either.

Or you could find a trashed pair and buy them for their rubbers. Again, not nickel-and-dime.

Or you could sell them as a source of replacement parts to somebody who's hinges broke, though they won't pay too much...

Or you could shelf-whore them.

Or you could list them on ebay as in "pristine condition", post pics that hide the fact that they lack rubbers, then insist on F&F payment...

Or you could find a DeLorean equipped with a flux capacitor, go back in time, and never buy them in the first place...

Or you could chalk this up as a learning experience.

Haven't cooked any rubbers yet for Half-X but should be easily do-able to make a cost-effective functional kit. I'll take a look tonight.

Please do! All I need is some good earsocks and Nose bombs at a good price, and my Half X will be good to go. If anyone knows how hard I have been working on them, it is you. You've basically done all of the work to rebuild them. Screws work great by the way. I also figured out the magic trick to quickly put the stems and hinges back on properly.

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