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Hand-Crafted Carbon Fiber Juliets

pretty cool but the C SIX are cut from one block of carbon fiber and are amazing. carbon fiber Juliet's cool but looks awkward. cool find though
These things are awesome and better yet made by a regular person, not a a CNC machine. Of course, the C6 is cool, but you can't really compare the two. One's made by hand and the other was made on a computerized machine.

A lot more work in the hand crafted pair.

I'm always amused when this pops up on the net anew. :) I"m the guy that made those, and it was a lot of work. After finishing those I realized that the Juliets were not the optimal model to try to make, as the thin parts were quite troublesome.

I have a whole new pair in progress right now, and hopefully those will end up even better and more wearable.