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Hardshell Exclusive


Oakley Beginner
Hello Oakley gang!

Does anyone know about this hard shell backpack exclusive from? I have not seen any with my search. I picked this up from a friend who used to work with Oakley a decade ago.

Oakley Icon Hard Shell one off.jpg
Nice. Tell him to text me if he ever wants to sell a bunch of stuff at reasonable prices.

...and that was my attempt at a lamely humorous pun. Get it. Shoot. Because there are guns on it.
lol! I got what you said...and it took me a while when I got it that they are actually guns. lol!
I took everything from him and you have the good ones now. lol!
From what I know about hard shell backpacks, Oalley did a paint contest on the hard shell, there were pictures and info on it when I searched on Google
Thanks! I'll do more searches. My friend swore its a one off. He could be right if its from a painting contest. But no official certification on this that it was sanctioned/held in an Oakley store I suppose.
I stumbled on it when I was looking to buy one, I ended up getting 2 off eBay, but their were really cool designs and the walls were covered with the bags
They were a contest held by oakley during back to school season for employees. I believe there was like 10-20 of them all painted on by an artist. Who ever sold the most back packs in each district got one I believe. This was definitely a contest held about 10 years ago.