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Has A Pair Of Oakley Sunglasses Ever Saved You From Possible Eye Injury?


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As with the Oakley site, they have a section called "Bloody Eye" in the community tab. There, people tell stories of potential severe eye damage that could have occured from not wearing their Oakley eye wear. Yes some of them had some severe facial injuries but they credit their Oakley's to saving their eyesite.

About 4 years ago I was doing some work involving the use of 40-45 inch worm drive clamps. These are exactly the same type used in the automotive or plumbing industry for clamping hoses, only these were much longer. They have a quick release swivel on them once they are loosened to ease their removal. I was removing one, and as the tension loosened up it sprung open and then came back striking me in the face, causing me to jerk my head back. When I opened my eyes I noticed a gouge in the center of my left lens in my Oakley Half Jackets. I took off my sunglasses to discover the sharp metal end had gouged and grooved the lens approx. 1/2 inch long and deep. I credit my sunglasses that day to saving my eyesite, as I believe the force of that clamp springing back would have cleary damaged my eye without protection.

If you have a story to share, please do.

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Jim FactoryPilot Barker

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I remember standing by the side of the road one day in my XX and as a car went past about 60mph i saw an inch big stone fly up from its wheel and head straight for my face.... was coming so fast i couldn't move just shut my eyes! it hit me square in the centre of my left lens and BOUNCED off.... no Oakleys and i'd have lost that eye EASY! still have those XX in my cabinet, knackered and with a tiny pit in one lens.....


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Carrying a piece of re bar to the car, accidentally jammed it against my bumper when I was fumbling with my keys. Pole vaulted off the bumper as I was walking and jammed into the lens of my Polarized Romeo 2.0's. Left 1/32" gouge in my lens...coulda been my eye.


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Boca Raton
Working on a synthetic ice rink and when I was prepping the "ice" for that night I was skating with a squeegee and there was a staple on the end of the handle that I didn't see. I caught a dry spot on the surface and the end of the squeegee hit my face and the staple scratched across the whole lens about 1/2 way through. I was wearing my Polished Holbrook's with 24k lenses. They look good and save eyes.


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I got nailed between the eyes from a line drive baseball today, I am pretty sure if I wasn't wearing the M frames I would have gotten knocked out






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Sunglasses can protect you against possible eye damage , as there will be a shield against the eyes before any intruding element reach them.

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