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Has anyone tried using a 3D scanner to scan their own parts to 3D print replacements?


Oakley Beginner
I’m exploring using an iPhone 11 with some of the scanning apps on the App Store to replace some of the broken parts I have and mirror the (at least the arms) in the slicer so I can use an almost perfect pair of M frames.

So I’m curious if anyone else is working on things like this so I can get some tips.

I want the O logo on the top, but also the contour on the bottom of the arm and wondered how this would be possible from a scan.

Any and all tips appreciated.
I also have a gen 1 m frame that just disintegrated, so a replacement would be cool.


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The Printing Pundit
Premium Member
United States
You’re not going to get a scan of a high enough quality from an iPhone. To do it right, you need a professional scanner, something in the $10k neighborhood and even then, you get a point cloud, not a 3D model. You’d still have to model it using this scan as a reference. I quoted it once, to do a 3 pieces was ~$1500.


Oakley Enthusiast
I've got a Revopoint POP 3D scanner, it's pretty good for the price but as above you'll end up with a point cloud and have to model over the top. It's easy if you're proficient in 3D CAD surface modelling but if not I imagine it's pretty difficult 😅

I scan, model and print stuff all the time at home so in theory if I wanted to print a part for a pair of Oakleys it would be achievable but time consuming. The price mentioned above it pretty close to what I'd have to charge someone to make it worth my time but to be honest I probably wouldn't want to do it anyway, would eat too much of my time 😅 I'm scanning and modifying a pair of aero track bicycle handlebars for a mate at the moment as a freeby - I'm about 15hrs in so far with plenty still to do 😂