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  1. Fosters

    Fosters Oakley Beginner

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    My wife has a pair of Hatchets that she really enjoys wearing, but I have noticed I can see her squinting (behind the lens) sometimes. According to the O-Review, her lens should be Black Iridium Polarized (polarized is etched on the lens). I am wondering if those actually shipped with a grey polarized lens?

    Side by side, my Half Jackets with Black Iridium Polarized are darker than hers which makes me think the Hatchet has a lighter lens. Any opinions that anyone can offer?

    I am thinking about having one of the 9% tints custom cut for her lenses to prevent the squint as I believe she has a 17% lens now.


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  2. wassaaaaaaaaaap

    wassaaaaaaaaaap Oakley Beginner

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    To my knowledge, the Hatchet never came with grey polarized in regular fit (someone correct me if i am wrong though). Could be she has the Asian fit polarized pair which had carbon/grey polarized combo. Biggest difference would be the presence of an iridium coating on lens and the nose bridge is a little wider I believe. If you can see your eyes through the front pretty well its grey. If you need to really do some fancy stuff (angles, lighting, chicken dance,etc.) Then most likely it is black iridium. Hope this helps. Also you might want to check and see if the glasses or the box (if you still have it) has a "J" at the end of the SKU# that is an indicator of the glasses being Asian fit. if it is not Asian fit then I guess it was just a bad batch or the lenses have been pretty thrashed to the point that the coating is peeling off.
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