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  1. Romeo Van Frogskinstein

    Romeo Van Frogskinstein Oakley Enthusiast

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    I am hoping some members can combine factual knowledge about the 2012 releases known as 'Heaven and Hell', and collate that information within this thread. The reason I am interested in this is due to the lack of detail about the series so far. Other threads can be considered about other sets of sunglasses, where facts and opinions can be posted which can prove useful as a future reference. I will start with some basics, initially of course to list the pieces of interest:

    DISPATCH II - Matte Black - Fire OO9150-10
    - Matte Black - Ice OO9150-11
    FROGSKINS - Matte Black - Fire 24-323
    - Matte Black - Ice 24-324
    HOLBROOK - Matte Black - Fire OO9102-27
    - Matte Black - Ice OO9102-28
    PLAINTIFF - Matte Black - Fire OO4057-13
    - Matte Black - Ice OO4057-14

    As far as I know, none of the worldwide Oakley sites have had these items listed, which creates the question as to which countries were suppliers. I am aware that none of these were available at the O Stores, at least in the UK. So far the facts are that these were available within the USA, Canada, and UK in select stores, any other countries? On a wider scale, available in Africa? Asia? Australia? South America? Europe? I cannot find any data within the Community and Collectors Edition's section on the Oakley site about these glasses, so where is the information that correctly describes these as 'Heaven and Hell'? Additionally, prior to that term, I had heard them referred to as the 'Fire and Ice' Collection, so were these titles given by Oakley themselves or are these just unofficial terms? Does anybody know the quantities released of each pair? Can these be considered genuine limited editions? If so what evidence is there to support that?
    The boxes for Frogskins were the normal plastic ones, however the other six were issued in a mix of brown square o boxes and the black and white generic boxes, with the same red/blue microbag used with each pair comprising the collection. The labels mention nothing about Heaven or Hell, or Fire and Ice Collection. There is also another release, the Jupiter Squared - Matte Black - Fire OO9135-13 released also this year that appears to belong to the same set but I have not seen confirmation of that, although I have seen a photo but the glass had a normal black microbag, suggesting it was a random but similar issue, can anyone confirm further information about this glass? I would be very interested to read the input from you about these so let the posts roll ladies and gentlemen....
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  2. tavers

    tavers Oakley Expert

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    I know they're available in certain stores in Australia. Limited to 150 pieces each.

    Heaven And Hell Collection. The Facts. - 156451_539527696063554_535318793_n.jpg

    Heaven And Hell Collection. The Facts. - 304074_523279691021688_1967110009_n.jpg
  3. Carlitocarlin

    Carlitocarlin Oakley Beginner

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    I've seen the heaven collection in the mall I work at, never actually seen the hell collection anywhere

    And Tavers, when you say limited to 150 each did you mean in Australia? or worldwide
  4. tavers

    tavers Oakley Expert

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    In Australia. Not sure about numbers of other countries.
  5. Oakster

    Oakster Oakley Expert Premium Member Lifetime Member

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    From what I understand Canada was only 50 of each of the 8.
  6. Yeti

    Yeti Frostmonkey Staff Member Premium Member

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    that limited here eh? Last time I was in Edmonton there was a store in West Ed. that had the entire Hell collection. I would've picked them up if I knew they were that rare.

    What's the worldwide release? 500? 1000?
  7. big bopper

    big bopper Oakley Enthusiast

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  8. jonoyong

    jonoyong Inside Outlaw. Staff Member Premium Member

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    I somehow doubt they are That limited in production but with that said, I have no official info to confirm that statement.
  9. Peeza21

    Peeza21 African in the United Kingdom

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    Not available in Africa..
  10. faxmanjazz

    faxmanjazz Oakley Enthusiast

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    The official heaven and hell collection (im guessing people called them fire and ice cause there was no official name when they first surfaced) was only available at action sports accounts for Oakley. No oakley o-stores or vaults or sunglass huts received them. But places like Watch it!, and spareparts in Canada got them.

    Yes these are truly a limited release, I read on and internal Oakley site that each style (Dispatch 2, Frogskin, Holbrook and Plaintiff) had 3000 units produced each. No word on the Jupiter squared. Could have been parts left over that they used up and sold...

    Hope this helps RVF