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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Johnny Hundreds, 9/14/11.

  1. Hey Guys! New to the forum! I'm only 21,so unlike a lot of y'all that have been collecting for a long time, i don't have alot of retro frames and such! But... I started about 5 years ago, i was a kid...i had about 8 or 9, then i sold them all, knowing i didn't need 9 different sunglasses... that was about 3 years ago... and then... I soon realized i needed them all back. Lol. So...here i am,again... only up to 6 pairs in the last year or so...but i'll be coming back soon, and fast! Nice to see everyone's collections on here!

    Hopefully y'all will be seeing more of me around the forums soon!

    Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses

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  2. SpliceD



    What did you have before you sold them and what'd you manage to get back so far?

  3. I had a couple pairs of gascans, eyepatch's and oil drums! i didn't know any better! lol.
    I currently have... (don't flame) i'm trying to get the ball rolling again!

    Polished/Matte Fuel Cells
    Lenses: Black Iridium Polarized,Fire Iridium, and Ice Iridium!

    Jet Black Radars and CF Radars!
    Lenses: Black Iridium Polarized, Red Iridium Polarized, G26!

    Polished Black Holbrooks (Chrome O)
    Lenses: Grey Polarized, Chrome Iridium, and Violet Iridium

    Oil Rigs - Clear with Chrome Iridium Lenses

    SI M-Frames the Grey/Clear/ and Laser Set.
    Bought them for the range.

    And a pair of greatly battle damaged Thumps, the first gen.
    Thought they were a great idea when i had my motorcycle,
    but they flew off one too many times...

  4. SpliceD


    Nice. No flamesuit needed, as that's a good start. You'll quickly find that this website is a real bad influence as it makes you spend all your money :wink:

  5. I fear i will soon have some display cases at home... this can't be good...

  6. Mrs H

    Mrs H

    Ain't that the truth! I've bought 4 pairs in the last month or so alone!

  7. I just hit the vault today! Posted in the recent purchases, i'm two pairs deeper...

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