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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by JU-Apache, 8/31/18.

  1. JU-Apache

    JU-Apache Premium Member

    Hello all,

    I am new to use this account, but I am not really new because I have been representing LINEGEAR for the last four years @Linegear Japan.

    This is my new private account (with approval from OF boss @OakleyBoss)

    I want to use this account to express myself, while keeping LINEGEAR to share X-Metal knowledge and to answer inquires.

    I am originally from Cambodia, been to Japan since 2012 and working with LINEGEAR for the last four years, where I got hooked with Oakley and especially X-Metal.

    Who knows where the future has to offer for each of us, but even when I might be leaving LINEGEAR in the future, my passion for Oakley will surely stays.

    Glad to be here with all of you.

    Kind Regards,
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  2. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Good to see you, Kimsan! Sorry to hear you may leave Linegear.
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  3. JU-Apache

    JU-Apache Premium Member

    I am still working with LINEGEAR @Linegear Japan at the moment.

    I just wanted to own an account on OF where I still can use it after I "might" leave LINEGEAR in da future. :D

  4. cacatman

    cacatman Premium Member Lifetime Member

    It's a pity you couldn't transfer your lifetime sponsorship from Linegear to your personal account as well!!!
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  5. JU-Apache

    JU-Apache Premium Member

    That is fair bro, because it was the company who paid for the sponsorship not me.

    I might think about paying for my own lifetime membership here :lolsign:

  6. Jon the Don

    Jon the Don

    Hello Kimsan.

    Welcome to the Forum!!

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  7. JU-Apache

    JU-Apache Premium Member

    lol, nice one Jon.
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  8. MatSteelersFan

    MatSteelersFan Premium Member Lifetime Member

  9. Riga Mortis

    Riga Mortis

    Hi welcome
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  10. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    Sorry to hear you "might" be leaving linegear. That will be a bad thing for them because you have built alot of relationships for them on the forum and are well liked amongst many of us here.
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