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Hello from Fargo, ND. 😎


Oakley Beginner
Fargo, ND
Good morning to my stylish Oakley family! I am new to collecting Oakleys and scored my first pair a few months back.
My first memories about the Oakley iconic sunglasses were:
1) My family and I were vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico. We went to the ocean and my brothers who were 11 and 6 decided to wear water goggles to see what they could find. Lots of shells and trash but then AH-HAAA! They held something up in the air. Low and behold, Original basic Oakley sunglasses! Sure they were dinged and scratched up badly. The lens were and frame were both intact, but very difficult to see out of.
2) My high school boyfriend B. wore them all the time with polar lenses. If you weren't aware of the price, make or model, you better watch out! 🙄 B would make sure that person walked away knowing everything he knew including the CEOs name. Yes, very annoying and can almost guarantee if I found him again to see if he still had his Oakley Collection, he would.
Now, a bit more about me: Content Writer/Editor, Published Author of 8 Novels & Screenplays, Entrepreneur and Collector of Nostalgia. Researching the ends of the world in a subject I am interested in is what drives and motivates me to find out every detail, make, model that is of interest to me. I tend to know A LITTLE about A LOT, and not A LOT about A LITTLE with some ADHD tossed in the mix!!! 😏😅🤣🤔

Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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Cereal Killer Extraordinaire (mostly fruitloops)

Btw, just curious, what was the model you found in the ocean? 🤔