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Hello From London


Oakley Expert
Hello people, I just discovered this forum a week ago whilstgoggling for some information on the Pennys. I got into Oakley sunnies quitelate 4 years ago when I was in my mid 30’s. Previously I worn regular Highstreet sunglasses (Police,.. etc).

Having a smaller face, most Oakleys I tried didn’t suit, butI stumbled on the Square Wire 2.0 SH just about when they were beingdiscontinued. Some eBay purchases later I now have 4 of them, including Titaniumframes and a pair with + Red Iridium, which I understand was only sold in theUK. These are a pretty conservative looking model so perfect work and moreformal occations).

I absolutely loved the look of the Juliets after trying themon in a store. I felt I must own at least 1 pair of ‘badass’ glasses. So I pickedup a new one but found them too heavy for extended wear so reluctantly soldthem on. A couple of year later I decided to give the Juliets another go, thistime round I lasted 1 year before I discovered the lightweight aluminiumHatchets which had a similar aggressive look of the Juliets and I could keepthem on for the whole day. I sold my second Juliet and ended up with 4 Hatchetfor almost what I got selling the Juliet!

Another year later (2weeks go) the urge to own a Xmetal thatI could actually wear got the better of me, so I figured I would try the Pennyswhich were designed for smaller faces. It was a bit unnerving spending a lot onglasses I had never tried on before. Also the stories of loose nose joints onwell used Pennys meant I wanted a new unused pair. I got lucky on eBay and wona new Titanium /VR28 example for less than a used Juliet. This suited me perfectly,looked great, felt great – I figured there would never be another pair ofglasses made like this, so decided to stock up. By chance, a week later, Istumbled on a pair of brand new Pennys (Ti with VR28 and Ice) mistitled on eBayas Juliet’s and won them both for similar money. And I have just picked up alittle used Polished/Black pair.

So zero to 4 Penny’s in 2 weeks (had to sell 3of my Hatchets and some other stuff to fund them). If come across a Copper/VR28or Xmetal/Ruby Penny (though these two combos may be a little too ‘showy’ forme to actually wear), I’ll probably get them to complete my Penny Collection. Why did they ever discontiue these? With spring hinges they seem more complete than the Juliets and IMHO look way better side on with the sculptered arms.

So that’s my Oakley story. Oh and I carry an Oakley leatherwallet and laptop bag :wink:
Welcome Typoon, nice to see a few more from the UK here. I too have a pair of Hatchet (Ducati). I don't wear them too often & so am thinking of selling on to someone that would wear them. Hope you enjoy it here, there are plenty of people who can give you advise on many issues.
Thanks for the welcome guys. I have found a store selling Juliets very cheap so I reckon I am going to give them 1 more try (yes addiction). I have got used to Pennys now and Julliets cant be much heavier.