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Hello from Manchester, England.


Oakley Beginner
Good day everyone.
I’m John from Manchester, England. 52 years old. I’ve been a wearer of Oakley RX frames for many years.

My first Oakley frames were Gasket frames, anyone remember those? I still have them and the frame is Olive colour. Also had Currency frame.

I have many of the Holbrook RX colours. Some of the Wheel House RX frames. My recent purchase is the Volt Drop RX frame (should arrive in a week).

Thinking about the NXLVL frames next, anyone care to tell me how you have found them and post any picks? Also can anyone tell me what case it comes with?

Hope to hear from other Oakley RX frame wearers/collectors.

Take care, John

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Lopaka KaMars

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Kaneohe Hawaii
Aloha and welcome to the forum. :welcome:

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