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Hello From South Texas....


Oakley Beginner
Hi all....just a quick note to say that I owe Oakley an apology due to the fact that I always thought that it was just a brand thing and their products were just cool looking eye gear. Well, now at 40 yrs. old, I just bought my first pair of Oakleys(Eyepatch 2, Black/Warm Grey) last week. As I've used them throughout this past week at work(truck driver), I've come to eat my words and say that these are the most comfortable, best fitting sunglasses(that provide the best vision and protection on bright sunny days) that I have EVER used. They have such a comfortable fit that I forget I'm wearing them at times and I don't even feel any fatigue at the end of a ten hour day after their use. :cool:

I'm already looking into getting the Black/Violet Iridium Eyepatch 2's to alternate with during my everyday requirements......then there is the Oil Rig, Fuel Cell, Bat Wolf and Antix.....ugh....and I thought that my addiction to knife collecting was bad.

Anyways....thanks for the info provided in these forums, I hope to learn more about this professional eyegear and start my new collection.
Welcome to the forums. However, if you're trying not to feed your newfound addiction, you're definitely in the wrong place. :)