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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Papasmurf, 3/14/16.

  1. Papasmurf

    Papasmurf Premium Member

    Hi there! Been an Oakley fan for nearly 20 years now, the only glasses that touch my face period...I have had a little bit of everything thru the years - m frames, flaks, splice, half wires, X metals, etc!!! Always been a wearer more than a collector but I'm getting more into the collecting part now.
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  2. Dallas O Hog

    Dallas O Hog Premium Member Lifetime Member

    Hello from Texas - uploadfromtaptalk1457996854030.png

    Sorry there can only be one Papa Smurf. Haha

    Welcome. Where in TX?
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  3. Papasmurf

    Papasmurf Premium Member

    Just south of Houston
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  4. Litos


    You in Pearland ??

    Im at 288/BW8 :)


  5. Papasmurf

    Papasmurf Premium Member

    Outside of lake Jackson in the country

  6. Litos


    Astros Life

    Hello from Texas - image.jpeg
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  7. Litos



    Like Clute ?? Bay City ?? Oyster Creek ??

  8. Papasmurf

    Papasmurf Premium Member

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  9. OakleyGuru379


    Welcome to the forum!

  10. Papasmurf

    Papasmurf Premium Member

    Thanks. Can someone let me know what I need to do in order to get involved on the X metal exchange?

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