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Hello from the heartland USA


Oakley Beginner
Just wanted to introduce myself.

I am looking for a couple pairs of sunglasses but focusing on one pair for sure. The first pair is to replace my long time Oakley Flak XLJ polarized. I would like to get new lenses for them for a second pair but the new polarized lenses are cost prohibitive at the prices I have found from reputable sources. Like others I am trying to navigate the fake ones.

I would like more coverage on the sides and near cheek than the Flak lines, and stay light, with retention when moving around bending over etc.. Peripheral vision is important. I have looked at other brands but keep coming back to Oakleys, their frames seem to be made to fit my needs.

A pair of polarized Flak 2.0 and/or Oakley Men's Radar EV Path Rectangular Matte Black/Prizm Black Polarized are what I am looking at now but not sold on them. I would like a frame less wrap around with round edges and not the cyclist aero/speed look. I do like the idea of the venting.

Open to suggestions and learning anything I have missed.


Shade Station Oakley Sunglasses
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