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Discussion in 'Intro's' started by Leo_the_LEO, 5/17/18.

  1. Leo_the_LEO


    Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Leo, I own a few pairs of Oakleys and use them for work. Im more just here looking for a set of T-Pain oil rigs if anyone has some lol

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  2. Funky-Trixtar

    Funky-Trixtar Premium Member


  3. Hey, welcome. Give it a week or two and about 30-35 posts and you can get into the exchange forum. There you will find what you need. Or you can buy the premium membership and have instant access.

    Welcome, and remember httr

  4. Dieseltech

    Dieseltech Premium Member

    Welcome to the forum

  5. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    That's fake news

  6. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

  7. For once I am telling the truth and you call it fake news. This seems more like alternate facts.

  8. "TRUMP"

    "TRUMP" Premium Member

    14 days and 15 posts

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