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Hello From Western Canada, EHH???

Juliet Maniac

Oakley Enthusiast
Well here I finally introduce myself officially.

I've been collecting Oakley for about 7 years now. It started when my brother bought his very first pair, M-frame red FMJ with black iridium. Naturally, I like the competitive little snot I was, wanted to get an Oakley as well, and it just snowballed from there. I started with a pair of Juliet Polished with Blue Iridium, and then more Juliets, and more and more. Then finally I started to get into a few of Oakley's other offerings.

I tried to have my collections in a spreadsheet to keep track of them but I haven't been all that diligent in updating it so I might have missed adding a few, but this is what I have so far:

Juliet - 29 complete pairs (at least, I might have forgotten to add one or two on my list and I'm too lazy to count them.) (Not including 2 Ducati's which my friend and brother-in-law each bought from me)
Juliet - 27 pairs of spare lenses (mostly ruby, my favorite tint)
Penny - 2
Pit Boss - 1 (Newest addition!)
XX - 3 (the plastic XX, not the X-metal XX, + one given to my mom to wear)
Mag M-frame - 1 (+ one given to my brother as a gift)
Splice - 2 (the discontinued sunglasses not the new goggles)
Wisdom goggles - 10 (haha dunno why I got so many, I haven't skiied in years...)
Valve - 1
Scar - 4
Mag 4 S - 1
Radar - 1
Tightrope - 1 (+ one sold to my sister, she wouldn't accept it as a gift)
Crowbar goggles - 2 (Vancouver Olympics editions)
Scalpel - 1

Other items:
2 full-size 6' tall Oakley display cases, one riveted aluminum frame and one with the aluminum side "ribs".
1 table-size Oakley display case, riveted aluminum frame
1 large Oakley riveted table
Many display items, stands, mirrors, logos, cardholders, etc
Factory Pilot gloves - 4
Cinch Pack - 4
Several shirts, caps, etc
Laptop case - 1
Shoes - 2
Sandals - 2

That's it, I think, from my not-so-diligently updated list. Now, pictures. Should I post pictures on here or should I create a new thread on the "collections" section? Let me know...

Thanks for reading,


eta: Oops forgot: Oakley lens display stand (with no lenses lol) and 2 matching polished Oakley Judge II watches.
Pics coming tomorrow...
That's a lot of x-metals :S. I feel so out of place collecting mostly Lifestyle frames and wireframe pairs haha. I'm new here too. Hope to see some pics!

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