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hello, I am new to this and restoring a pair of straightjackets 1999, I am looking for ear socks please lmk if you have any or sources - thanks again


Oakley Beginner
@davermcwaver you could contact one of the customizers on this forum. Many of them can make custom ear socks and could also customize your frame for you.

I'm a huge fan of @Bonz-1 for cereokote and all sorts of solid color customization.

@zwc0442 is incredible and is one of the most talented artists. If you want artistry, he's the guy. Only downside is he is popular there is often a wait.

@Wavecloud’s Customisation is the way to go if you are in Europe. Amazing artist. Incredibly knowledgeable & talented.

@Rick58 is a great choice for solid color repaints and sometimes he'll do a beautiful color fade. I'm not sure if he does custom earsocks or not you could ask him. he's on the East Coast USA.

These are just my opinions, and hopefully don't offend anybody.

Look at their work. See for yourself. There's some overlap but they are actually very different in the kind of work they do. Contact them. You could have your frame repainted and potentially custom earsocks.

There are also other guys on here that are talented as well. I probably missed some names.
Thanks for the extremely informative response. I’ll see if any of the mentioned can help out. I’m really just looking for a few sets of black and maybe another color or two at most

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