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Hello. Im brand new here


Oakley Beginner
Hello. I'm brand-new here. I've worn Oakleys my entire life. I've probably owned over 50 pair easily. I'm just now actually starting to collect them. About 15 years ago my wife bought me a pair of Juliet's. I fell in love with them. About a year after she bought them for me they were stolen. I've been wanting a pair ever since. So I figured since I'm collecting Oakley's now I was going to be one of the first pair that I acquire. I have tried several times in the last couple years to purchase a pair but I've always backed out because of the possibility of them being fakes. That's one of the main reasons why I'm here is to learn how to spot an identify authentic Oakley's, good places to look for them other than eBay. And gain a better knowledge of my new hobby

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The World Is Yours
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Hi and welcome.
When you meet the requirements you will be able to find one around 200-300,- in here.

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Lopaka KaMars

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Aloha. Welcome to the Forum. :welcome: